Chicago Day 2: Depressing Zoo’s & Mangos

Hola Everybody!

On the slight chance that you’ve been following our adventures, you know that our first day in Chicago was very eventful and in the end we walked a grand total of 14.5 miles! I’d be so fit if I lived there. Who needs a car with those ridiculous parking garage prices.

Day two was slightly less eventful since it was only half a day but almost just as much walking… so figure that one out.

Our day started with a trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo. For all that know me, I am a huge supporter of zoos and frequent zoo visitor. That being said, I had high hopes and expectations for this one. The zoo was three miles away from our hotel which turned out to be quite the walk. My shoes were not having it. And because my shoes weren’t having it, my walk turned out to be weird, and so then my shin wasn’t having it. It all ended with me taking off my shoes and walking barefoot. Yeah, I’m one of those people.

I forgot to add that we had breakfast at the Corner Bakery which proved to be very delicious. It would’ve been absolutely perfect if we ate outside, but it was so popular that we had to sit in the basement…

When we finally got to the zoo, excitement was high. Not only because I just walked for miles in pain to see some animals, but also because it’s a free zoo and … well, it was time to pet some goats. I’ll skip to the point and let me just tell you — I think  the animals in the petting zoo were the happiest ones at the zoo. That was by far one of the most depressing zoo’s I have ever been to. The lions looked depressed, the giraffes looked depressed, even the hippo… looked depressed. Needless to say, we left after nudging though the crows without looking back. 0/10, would not recommend. 

Sad and disappointed we made our way to the Navy pier to find some ice cream to heal our souls. The walk to the pier was again long and strenuous on my feet and I walked barefoot for half of it, which didn’t really help because … rocky cement.

The Navy Pier was crowded. I think everyone on the streets of Chicago decided that they all needed to go to the pier the same day we decided to go. We walked around and eventually ended up finding a garden to sit in with our shaved ice. What is shaved ice you ask? It’s basically frozen yogurt but better. That’s all I got, folks. D got mango flavored ice and I got green tea. I don’t know why i’m being pulled into the green tea mambo jumbo, but nothing beats that matcha latte. The mango one was better, I must admit. My green tea one didn’t taste like green tea, but I also wasn’t feeling anything sweet. My body was craving salty food. I think I complained about it so much that D agreed to stop by Whole Foods and I bought carrots and she got cheese. I’m just hungry, you know?

We took the carrots and cheese and went to sit by the river, not wanting our mini vacation to end. We sat there, admiring and people watching, until our parking time was almost up and we meandered back to the parking garage. And so ended our escape into paradise and if I could, I’d do it all over again. Maybe with different shoes, but, yeah.

Thanks for hanging around 🙂 Can’t wait for our next adventure.



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