Destination Chicago: Travel Day 1

9:05 AM

Good Morning everyone. I’m not gonna lie to you, this wasn’t the plan. My alarm was set for 7am and I was going to get up and finish the pile of work I still have to do before relaxing this weekend. That didn’t happen. Not really, anyway. I woke up with a throbbing headache, to which I threw my phone across the room, groaned, and decided that I’ll wake up when I wake up (that’s the headache talking…), and well, here we are. I’m making coffee (in hopes it’s a caffeine headache?) and decided to write a little something something while I’m at it. Oy. Just thinking about driving close to 5 hours makes me a little nauseous today.

SHOOT. My coffee just ran. What? Well, I have one of those old turkish coffee makers (look em up, they’re cool!) but you have to watch them carefully or your coffee escapes and overflows. And that usually happens to me, so no surprises there. It’s just really annoying.

Also, to add to annoying factors: The weather in Cincinnati? beautiful. Sunny. Birds are out. The weather in Chicago? RAINY, COLD, WINDY, GREY, GLOOMY. Ugh.

But anyway. It’s probably time to get moving. I’ll let you know how the rest of the day goes. If it’s anything like it is now … keep me in your thoughts.



Well, greetings, I have arrived to the wonderful city of South Bend. I’m slightly kidding but I also didn’t know it was as large as it is until I spent 30 minutes driving through it and its roundabouts. How am I feeling? Like the ride was short, like I still have some work hanging over my shoulders, and that i’m slightly hungry. My stomach is reminding me that it’s that time. And considering i’ve had Sun Chips today …. yeah… and I’m an adult. Plans for today? Not sure, but hoping to feed this little one. All I know is that we are embarking on our adventures tomorrow early in the morning, so I will catch you all on the flip side tomorrow morning!!!



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