Destination: CHIcago!

Hi Friends!

It’s been long since i’ve blogged, and I realize that that’s how I start every post… that’s my bad. Life’s been kind of a rollercoaster (as it always is…) but I *think I’m back now so…

You know, I should just get to the point.

I like blogging about my travels and adventures, and I think people like that too so I’ve decided to blog about my next adventure!

This coming weekend I’m taking one of my friends and we’re going on a weekend trip to Chicago! Well, it’s more of like a one day trip, but I’m going to make sure we pack AS MANY FUN activities as we can!

I was just about to say I’m not much of a planner when it comes to these things, but that’s a lie. I already know more about Chicago coffee shops than the average local, probably. SO, i’m not saying that i’ve done my research…. but i’ve done my research AND I’M EXCITED.

I will be leaving on Thursday, spending Friday there (Catch blog then!), some of Saturday (more blogging woo!) and then leaving that evening.

If you saw me right now you’d mistake me for the energizer bunny.

I know it’s only Monday. But. THURSDAY HERE I COME.

See ya later guys 🙂

come join the fun.


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