Miami Day 1: We’ve Made It!

Greetings Friends!!!

After two days of driving with fun pitstops in North Carolina and St. Augustine , Florida, we have made it to our final destination of Miami! Woot Woot! It has been QUITE the day. We came in around noon and went straight to Key Biscayne (our hotel wasn’t allowing us to check in until 4 anyway, it’s cool it’s cool). key Biscayne is pretty neat. It has clean, white sand beaches and the parks there are well maintained. They also have iguanas and peacocks just chilling, so that’s pretty sweet too. We tried to catch an iguana but they’re surprisingly shy for being around so many people. (Totally kidding about the catching part, by the way. Well kind of). Also a fun fact: the first Miami zoo was there, that’s why the iguanas are still around. Don’t quote me on that, though.

What I DO know is that a lot of tennis stars practice there, so I was secretly watching out for someone like Djokovic, he’s been posting a lot of pictures with palm trees and unless he’s in Spain… hehe, okay enough.

It was surprisingly chilly here today. And when I say chilly I mean a 79 degrees. But the wind was cold, I was wearing a jacket the whole time. Woo, tan here I come. We spent quite some time there and then by 3 we were at our favorite Thai place there, Origin. It might actually be the only food place there, we’re not sure.

After, we checked into our hotel, got settled, and went on a walk around the beach. Because it gets dark around 5, the sun was already setting and by the time we got back it was totally dark.

* My mom just informed me that the walls are super thin and she thinks our neighbors are Russian* . Cool, mom.

Tomorrow I have to be up at 4 — we are catching an 8am ferry to the BAHAMAS, so it’s probably bed time soon. Adios amigos! Here are some photos from today! šŸ™‚


If you’re a bird I’m a bird. I think I have a thing for birds.


Pretty beaches.


“Don’t get hit by a coconut” — My dad


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