Travel Diaries:Sunrises & Bamboo Sharks



Day 2: October 6th, 2016

I never win with sunrises. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actual sunrise from start to finish — something always goes awry. Today, I once again with a determined mind got up at 5:30 in the morning to catch the sunrise.I showered, made coffee, and got ready for the day. I was ready. I strolled downstairs, passed some sleepy hotel guests that were unwillingly up for breakfast, and hopped into my stallion of a car and headed to the beach. The beach is actually really close to my hotel, so naturally, I was really early. I always am. For everything. I take it as a good thing, not something we want to change. There were a couple other people on the beach; mostly photographers and tired people walking their enthusiastic about life dogs. Thank goodness I had coffee — it was surprisingly chilly and it was the only thing keeping me relatively warm (and awake).

But guess what. After all of that preparation and determination, it was cloudy. Like “there’s a hurricane coming” cloudy. So guess who didn’t see the sun? This determined bunny. Well, can’t say I didn’t try. Maybe next time.  *Covers eyes with hand*. Every. Time.

Later, I planned going to the Aquarium of North Carolina at Fort Fisher. So, after coming home and getting more coffee (cup 2), and lounging for a bit, I made the drive to the aquarium. The drive, being only 20 miles, took 40 min because of the incredibly slow speed limit. Still, the drive was nice, as it’s pretty much going along the water. The aquarium was more quaint than I thought it would be, charming. In other words it was small. Maybe I’m just spoiled and have been to a lot of aquariums. There’s that possibility as well. The display was what you would see at any other aquarium so it wasn’t that special, but I do have to say the staff was really nice. There were a couple of exhibits where you could touch whatever was in the tank and everyone was really excited to tell you about what you’re touching (which is always nice). I was instantly intrigued by the bamboo shark exhibit and stood there for a good while, while the exhibit director kept telling me things about the shark (I was interested but also just nervous). By the time he was done telling me about this shark, I knew so much about it that it only felt right to feel it. And also I felt like he really wanted me too (and okay, there was a elementary school field trip and if a 8 year old can do it, so can I). So thank you, nice man, I don’t think I would’ve gotten over that fear soon if it wasn’t for you. So that was nice. I also bought a magnet there which happened to be the only thing I brought back from this vacation, so yay for that too.

That adventure in itself made me really tired when I got back to the hotel. I had more coffee (cup 3) and lunch (easy mac n cheese because that’s the only food-like thing they had at the hotel convenience store), and lounged around for a much longer time than expected. Okay, Netflix pulled me in, yes. The lack of sunrise made me tired. And also I think I’m immune to coffee.

Later that day I figured that if I was going to lounge, then I might as well lounge on the beach. It was really nice that day, you would’ve never guessed that a hurricane was coming. Sunshine, birds, surfers battling “gnarly waves”. It was good.

It’s important to take time for yourself. It’s important to listen to YOU. Sometimes, a couple hours on the beach is really all you need. All you need to realize that everything is going to be okay. That you’re going to be okay. Sure, the pretty pictures on Pinterest and google about people finding themselves in 2 days seem realistic, but they’re not. Although I feel like more relaxed and with myself, i’ve been thrown into real life once more. But that’s okay, because you always get through that too. In time, whatever you’re going to, whatever makes you run away miles from home, will be okay.

Would I travel by myself again? Sure. I’d make smarter choices in the respect that I wouldn’t walk alone at night, but we all make mistakes. We all learn. That is the point of life.

love, Anna.

Some pictures:



Morning of the sunrise… yay coffee!


Favorite aquarium photo


This dog might be my spirit animal 🙂



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