Travel Diaries: 96% Humidity

Hi Friends!

I have made it safe and sound (and with a good dose of adventure) to Wilmington, North Carolina!

It’s kind of strange being here alone, i’m going to be honest with you. Makes you think a lot about … everything, really. The weather, what you’re going to have for lunch, who you want to be in life. You know. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I *think that there are definitely more positives then negatives. I think. You have to make sure you don’t get lonely.

What I can tell you for sure is that there IS a hurricane coming. And the ocean showed me. I went to Wrightsville Beach and was the only one there. Is it not beach season? I don’t know, but I liked having the beach to myself. Not sure how big the waves usually get there, but the ocean was not a happy camper today. But it was also beautiful. There’s something so peaceful and religious about the water. If it wasn’t for the dumb parking prices I would have stayed there all day.

I couldn’t though, so I went to a second beach, Kure beach. A lot of people say it’s more private and less “tourist-y”, but I thought it felt smaller and had way too many fishermen for my liking. Not that there’s anything wrong with fishermen, but there was literally no one on the other beach. But still it’s a beach, it was great. The waves picked up even more than that morning.

After the two beach trips, I decided to check out downtown. I didn’t make it too far because I suddenly felt the need to nap (and I DON’T nap), so I went back to the hotel. Hoping to be back downtown later tonight after I check out the sunset (hopefully it’s not too cloudy).


The beach in the evening was fabulous! The sky cleared up and the weather was great! … Except that the sun doesn’t set on that side. Oops, what a smart cookie I am. Buuuut,  a lot more surfer boys than expected … and they were all really excited about the huge waves from the coming hurricane, which was cool to see too. Some people are just so passionate. So I guess it’s always beach season, since it was PACKED compared to this morning.

After the sunset, I (stupidly) decided to go (alone) to downtown. Kids, don’t do that. It’s wasn’t the “college” life I was hoping to see, it was older people and men who don’t have anything to do. So of course when people see a 22 year old girl (because I think I was the only one out, of that age) they either stare or say something OR FOLLOW YOU TO YOUR CAR AND HAVE YOU RUN STOP SIGNS IN TEARS BECAUSE YOU’RE SO SCARED. Needless to say it is not even 9 and I am home. Because people are creepy at night. Just don’t do it, lesson learned. [I thought I was being all independent alpha lion girl, but nah, not worth it].

All in all though, I had a very successful first day! Very fun and beautiful city. Wherever there’s a beach, life is good. : )

Tomorrow I’m hoping to go to the aquarium and maybe take a boat tour? And also explore downtown during the day….

It’s time to relax. Until next time!


This morning…


Being alone on the beach gives me the opportunity to shamelessly use my selfie stick… Just kidding. (I’m not kidding).


Pretty sure we were the only ones there 🙂


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