Travel Diaries: Traveling Solo

Calling all world travelers!

Hi all! This next set of entries will be (hopefully, you know how I am with keeping on track) coming to you live from my next travel adventure — me traveling to the beautiful North Carolina beaches!

There’s a lot going on here. And a lot of it is very strange, so let me back up.

Lately I’ve been feeling a little couped up at home. I’ve been feeling a rush of energy and nowhere to put it into. You might say that the normal person would just take a kickboxing class. And you’d be right. But I need change. I need romance. I need ocean-water. With Fall strolling in, this is the perfect time to do something differently. [Change is all around, so BE the change]. That’s pretty motivational, if I do say so myself.

So, starting this coming Monday, October 3rd, I will be en route to paradise.

Why North Carolina? Good question, easy answer. When you live in the middle of corn fields, this happens to be the closest (beautiful, warm) beach. Unless you’re counting the great lakes, but it’s October and freakishly cold. I need at least a little bit of sunshine. North Carolina also happens to have a lot to offer. Like cheap hotels in the middle of the week in October. You’d be surprised. But if I’m being TRULY honest… It’s where every Nicholas Sparks novel is set. Yes, you caught me. Sue me, but I want to emerge myself into the novel literally and figuratively. It’s like visiting Key West if you’re a Hemingway fan (me, me, me!) — same thing.

Why solo travel? Yet another good question, not so easy of an answer. Honestly, I don’t know. While I am a walking planner and I love to have a 5-year plan, I also make irrational crazy decisions like this once in a while. And then I book a non-refundable hotel, so really there’s no going back. Crazy decisions aside though, I think everyone should solo travel at least once in their life. I’m not saying you should randomly leave your family and say “adios amigos, will be back in a month, en route to Mexico” but when the weather has got you feeling moody and your job search is going nowhere, go. Experience the world. Because the world is a lot bigger than your kitchen island. I also think solo travel gives you the “Me-time” that you need and can also be almost a religious experience. Sometimes you need to be alone and sit on the beach. Read a book. Start a novel. Talk to some locals. Drink some wine. You know. Plus you can do what YOU want to do. Maybe it sounds crazy. Maybe it sounds like an easy way to get kidnapped. But right now it sounds like the right thing. We all need to relax sometimes.

Right, I got a little off track there, but this weekend will be spent planning my week in North Carolina, so be sure to follow this adventure.  It’s going to be great! (I mean, if you want to. Hehe).

Adios amigos see you next week! 😉


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