Daily Prompt: Panic

via Daily Prompt: Panic

Panic: a word I have become too familiar with. I’m not sure when I became afraid of everything, but I was recently reminded of this on a train ride to Chicago. Going for a job interview, a friend suggested that I take the train instead of driving to avoid traffic. It seemed like a good idea … until I sat down. I felt like a cat being thrown into water. I cringed a every shake and I jumped at every bump. I kept telling myself that trains are made to shake. Just like bridges, I think. I also made the mistake of sitting by the exit seat — which isn’t by a window. There was also a little girl, about 8 years old, that kept yelling “wheeeeee! faster train, faster!!!!!!”. *Cue stone cold stare*. And then my Snapchat speed filter told me we were going at 86mph… I’m not an engineer, but I’m not sure whether small old trains such as the one I was in are supposed to go that fast. I don’t drive that fast.

The thing is, I like to be in control of everything and nothing about that ride felt controlled (by me). Growing up in a big city, I was constantly on all sorts of transportation and I lOVED trains. So when did that change? When did I become so protective of myself?

Panic also comes in a lot of different forms. The fear of the unknown, fear of uncertainty, fear of failing. But the thing is, why fear? Why fear when sometime, somehow everything will work out and be okay. You have to believe in the future and believe in yourself and your strengths. Panic is just a major setback in looking forward. It’s time to stop looking back and start living in the moment (while planning for the future). DREAMS DEMAND HUSTLE. And occasionally have some bumps in the road. But nothing we can’t handle, right? [I should write motivational posters].




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