July: Eat, Pray, Love

Recently I have been feeling a little lost and like I don’t have a sense of direction. That’s not true, I have never had a good sense of direction — don’t even ask me how I survived before the GPS saved us all. I have been living at home with the stressful job search under my nose and feeling like I’m in a very secluded bubble. A VERY secluded bubble. The only people I would talk to on the daily are my parents, ONE of my good friends from college, and most likely my cat. Oh please, hide the judgement, everyone talks to their pets. But that’s not very good because you need communication and company. After a while loneliness begins to feel normal and you begin to accept it. DON’T. That’s not a way to live. (Giving myself this pep talk).

Now, with a start of a new month, I’m feeling super motivated to start a new life and live better. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can hear people in the background thinking this is so cliché and happens every once in a while. That’s right, that’s how loud your thinking is. Don’t worry, I’m thinking the same thing. We’re on the same page.

But, something about this month and how i’ve been feeling has been making me extra motivated. So the hashtag #NewLife is going to be used and here’s the general plan:

Eat: I already have an appreciation for good food, but we’re going to try to live the green life. Smoothies, juices, fruits & veggies. Maybe learn a recipe or two, learn about wines.

Pray: Start getting up with the sun. Everyday, the alarm will be set to 7am. Start the day outside. Has anyone heard of the app Headspace? Maybe it’ll put my head in the right place. Hah.

Love: Get in touch with people you care about and stay in touch. People are important.

I guess the point is to take care of myself. Be happy, I haven’t been happy lately. And there’s no reason not to be happy — beautiful days lately, and yet.

So I think that’s that. We’ll see how that goes. #NewLife begins.





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