To Start Again

A kiss on the cheek from both parents and a wave goodbye as you sit down in your car to go three hours south of home for eight weeks leads to a tearful journey. You’d think that after four years of college, it would get easier. And yet again, today I couldn’t see the road because my eyes were filling with an ocean of tears. Maybe it’s because I’m an only child and my parents smother me with love, but leaving home gets harder and harder every time.

It’s always weird adjusting from six weeks of home. Being in THIS cold empty house isn’t the same. As much as I love living with my roommates, home has a sense of security; this house… not so much.

Still, people need to leave their nests eventually and this is just a subtle preparation for the future. Oh how that scares me.

It’s time to start again, time to dig into the ocean of knowledge

let’s see how this goes. (Stay optimistic, stay optimistic, stay optimistic).


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