Crawling Out of Your Shell

If you ask anyone close to me, you’ll quickly learn that I am one of those people that doesn’t like to be out of their comfort zone. Although I do claim to like “adventure” and quick, “out-of -the-blue” decisions, there is a fine line that I straddle when it comes to things that require me to leave my safety nest. I love being at home — I love the feeling that safety brings along with it. However, starting my last semester of college in less than a week brings rapid unease. It’s not that I’m not excited – believe me, I do want to move to a new and exciting city and start my first ever real job, and have some real independence — it’s the process of getting there. Graduating, finding a job, moving on to real- life adulting, seems a little far-fetched as of now. Of course, in less than a week this is going to feel as real as it gets. And don’t get me started on May. God.

I learned some things over this 6 week break (and over life) that could come in handy in self-motivation. Whenever you try something new, no matter how scared you are, you actually end up really liking it. Everyone has to do it, everyone has to jump out of their nest, and it’s almost my turn. Life is about to happen  — stay tuned.




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