Beginning a Runner’s Journey

If you told me 6 weeks ago that by January 20th of 2016 I would be able to run a mile (if not 4), I’d just stare at you with a blank expression, with a few “ha-ha’s” thrown in there. I’ve always been sporty, but not a runner. I’ve played soccer, tennis, and took swimming lessons, but I could never EVER run a mile. I know, I don’t understand it either. I’ve always been athletic but even if you told me that I would be going on a cruise to Barbados after successfully running a mile, I would probably still fall down out of breath at a quarter of a mile and tell you to leave me there.

I don’t know what started my gym rat obsession. Maybe it was the boredom of a six week break, maybe it was the subconscious will to finally get in shape, but whatever it was – it has been surprising me more and more as each day goes on. I’ve been going to the gym everyday for the past 2 and a half weeks now, never skipping a day. Everyday I run. I feel like a little hamster in an exercise ball. But still, I run. Yesterday, I made it to 4 miles. 4 MILES. What?? With the power of the treadmill and Pitbull (and covering up the “distance” display) I made it to 4 miles.

Everyday it’s a different feeling of accomplishment. Everyday I feel GREAT. One reason for posting this is to remind myself of how amazing it is to feel like this. To be able to do something that you’ve never done before. I can feel myself getting fitter and healthier, and I LOVE IT. Another reason for posting this is to show that anyone can run. It just takes patience and motivation. And most importantly, belief in yourself. The belief that you CAN. Because I can. And if I can, well… Yeah. Not a runner, guys, not a runner.


Now get out there! Go go!


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