10 Thoughts Everyone Has Over Christmas Break

It’s Christmas break and you’re home for 3+ weeks. There’s a very detailed roadmap to what everyone feels while at home from week 1 to week 3 (or 6). Here we go, VROOM VROOM. 

  1. HOME!

 As weird as it is to be back home for such a long period of time, you quickly get back into the rhythm of your bed, shower, and constant supply of food. Truly a wonderful experience. 



2.  FOOD !  

For those of us living off campus especially, coming home to three (four? five? ten?) meals a day is like christmas every day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Count me in! 



3. How Long is it acceptable to Netflix and Chill (with me, myself, and I)? 

At some point of break those friends from high school that you haven’t talked to in 3 years start to come back and attempt to make plans. Oh, but I forgot about that dentist appointment that I had, sorry. Careful, there’s a fine line to how many times you can use that excuse. 



4. Okay, It’s Time to Start Moving

Okay, so you finished all of  ‘Friends’, now what? You remember that you haven’t read a real book in a year and tennis…. tennis is fun, right? 



5. Realizing You Actually Miss Your Roommates 

There’s a reason you miss them (and a reason why they’re your roommates) – they’re also your best friends, and you’re already making plans to see each other ASAP Rocky. Also home is getting a bit repetitive and slow for your busy life style. How soon is spring semester? 



6. Realizing the Holidays Are the Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread 

Gifts on gifts on gifts and being surrounded by family is probably the best feeling there is ( plus the endless supply of food, fun, and if you’re lucky, wine). Cheers! 



7. Actually Being Excited for  Next Semester (Unless You’re Graduating… but Shh. We don’t talk about that)

The holiday season is over, christmas lights are coming down, and trees are being thrown out. The air just isn’t as… magical. It’s time to get serious about ordering those textbooks. OMG GLASS BLOWING? HELL YEAH. 



8. Restlessness and Need To Go Back To School 

Alright, so it’s time. You need your people, you need to go out, and you’re tired of your parent’s 10pm bedtime. You’re ready to cut loose and enjoy syllabus week (and other festivities) once more. Plus, how much Netflix can you really watch? 



9. Realizing that You’re Not Coming Home Until Spring 

So now that there are just a couple of days left until you go back to your semi-adult life, you start doubting how comfortable your bed at school is. And cooking for yourself? Oh lord. Also you forgot that you signed up for 10am classes, which means you have to wake up kind of early. Anxiety sets in. Ugh, responsibilities. What are those? 



10. Acceptance 

As great as it is being at home, it’s time to go. You can’t live with your parents forever and your dog will love you more if you go and then come back again. It’s time to adult and to learn more about economics, world history, or whatever it is that your heart desires. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t want to come back earlier when you see everyone and go to Wine Night once more. 



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