THIS Awkward Encounter

Well this is weird. What is blogging, anyway? This feels like one of those encounters in Walmart when you see someone you haven’t seen in 4 years and have that awkward conversation that everyone loves. “Hi how are you? good? good. Me? yeah, same. Okay. Cool. See ya later”. *Repeat 4 years later*

Is there like a way I could *not blog only once every year? Get ON it, Anna. Ugh, I’ll try. I’ll put an “X” on my hand and then forget what it means ten seconds later.

So, how have you been, world? Well that’s good. Me? Ah, you know, just listening to Tswift on repeat. (I wish I was kidding). And procrastinating. It’s also Thursday though, so I’m pretty much checked out for this week. In other news, I have entered my senior year of college (lol).

How do I adult.

I have no idea what I’m doing with my life, and I kind of have to know at this point. HELP. Ugh. People are doing such big things. I have a friend working for APPLE. Casually went to China today. It’s fine, I’m not mad.

Okay, well, i’ll start blogging and make this a WEEKLY thing. (lololololololololol says the procrastinator in me.) (HEY, stop that.)

Alright, good luck with today and the rest of this week!!



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