Some Serious Blueees

Well this is a first post in a while, which should be a happy thing, but get ready for some serious blues. I am welcoming MARCH in an hour so let me get all of my winter sadness out before we can embrace the new and exciting! This weekend, I realized just how much I depend on people. Both of my roommates went away for a couple of days, leaving me all alone in this apartment that has never seemed bigger. Instead of, you know, taking a walk or doing something for myself, I just felt restless the whole day. I felt trapped in a box. This is NOT the way to do it. (**side note** it’s also incredibly cold out).

After calling my best friend from home – and complaining about not knowing what to do – she called me needy. Needy.

Wow you’re so needy” she said.  “Which is weird, because you’re kind of an introvert. I don’t get you” 

 And maybe sometimes we need to hear that hard, cold truth. But yesterday was not the day to hear it.

So what did I do today? I cleaned. Scrubbed the whole apartment from head to toe like some Ukrainian Scrub Woman. I walked around (the living room). Called my mom. Called my roommates. Called my mom again. Ate some ice cream.

But you know what? This is kind of pathetic. I have NO reason to be sad! I have no reason to feel like I’m alone. *Cue happy thoughts now*

Tomorrow is a new day AND a new month – where is the time going?! It is almost MARCH, which means SPRING, which means WARMTH – some of my favorite things. It also means that it’s time to start being productive and getting on top things. So let’s do this guys. Let’s seize the month. BECAUSE IT SUCKS TO BE SAD I DON’T LIKE THIS I HATE IT I DON’T LIKE BEING SAD BLAH.

Okay everyone, have a good night, cheers to all the good things and happy thoughts 🙂



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