From Juicing to … Disaster

You know those horror stories about something going terribly wrong before the first day of school? Someone chipping their tooth (that actually happened to a girl in my dorm freshman year, it was an actual “LOL” moment) or breaking their nose right before they have to enter the jungle of judging teenagers? Well, this isn’t a story about that, but it falls under the same category: Major (Un)Avoidable Disaster.

IMG_2117I already know I’m making too big of a deal about this so put down your guns before I even start talking. Let me give you the back story of this first:

For Christmas this year, I got my parents a juicer. (Woo! Best daughter award!!!!) Nice , right? You would think that good karma would be on my side and everything would be alright, if not better. Well, we’ve been juicing for a while now, everything from apples to oranges to Kale. Yes, Kale. And yes with a capital K because Kale. Because power of life.

I’m Rambling.

The juicing process went beautifully. I recommend trying it to everyone. Makes you feel alive, makes you feel fresh. Like the juice! (I’m so weird, moving on).

Sunday, I move back in to college. TODAY after drinking a glass of apple and carrot juice (featured on the left (beautiful, isn’t it?)) my BODY decided to react to the juice. So my face and body had an allergic reaction, let me repeat: TODAY, to the carrots. Best part, is that it’s not going away, meaning that all 20,000 people that are going to see me on Monday are going to soak in my beautiful-ness.

I’m kidding, it’s not that big of a deal and I don’t really care what people think..  (Who are we kidding, everyone cares about what people think (ESPECIALLY ON THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS) and I’m praying to ALL the Gods that this bastard goes away before Monday).

I just think it’s IRONIC that the day would be TODAY after this whole juicing period of time. Funny how things work out for the best.   

Moral of the story: be careful when juicing. Don’t drink too much. Because no sane person can “eat” 7 carrots in ONE sitting. Don’t do it.

Lol, happy Friday everyone.



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