New Year, Old You?

Hiya fellow bloggers!

We just got through a week (or a little more… shh) of the New Year! And because I haven’t been here in a while, cheers! Happy 2015! Hope this year brings only the good things, with lots of love, laughs, and life! (How original, I know). But I do wish you all the best 🙂

Crazy how fast time flies! I mean, I can’t believe it’s not butter  it!

Me being ME I’ve already broken some of my new year resolutions. This was expected. Which is exactly why I’ve made a revised list that should be easier to follow. [Yeah, okay. Don’t be fooled].

1. Be Shakira. Okay, okay – metaphorically. Be bubbling with spunk and creativity.  [She’s my spirit animal, it’s fine].

2. Try to be healthy. Try not to eat that chocolate bar at 11pm, kay champ? Maybe run sometimes. Or have a dance party … that counts as exercise, right?

3. Don’t be the president of procrasti-nation. Please. Read a book.

4. Wake up earlier. It’s worth it, it’s worth it, it’s worth it. (I promise).

5. Netflix is not your friend. Don’t listen when it tells you that it misses you.

6. Clean your room.

7. Blog more. [No comment necessary].

8. And last but not least, be a people person. *Shudder shudder*

Well, that should keep me occupied for the next week (L – O – L) and maybe I’ll actually go back and check on this list once in a while to keep reminding me of the good person buried somewhere deep, deep inside of me.

Once again I hope you all have had a fabulous start to the year and i’ll see you soon!

Happy Green Goats,



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