Day2: A Photo of Something You Ate Today

Hiya!   IMG_0175

Yes, go ahead and yell at me now for not blogging day after day. But i’ve realized that that IS the beauty of this — you can write whenever your heart desires! And no one can say a word about it. So shhhh ;). I know, excuses excuses.

But anyway.

Today I was supposed to write about something I ate today and BECAUSE I don’t like taking pictures of food … call me weird… I decided to write about something I drank. Because why not. Mix things up a little bit.

So last night I studied until 3am for my biopsych exam tomorrow (**anxiously bites elbows)  and had to wake up at 7 for my class this morning. I’m not a morning person. I like sleep. I don’t enjoy waking up to see the sunrise everyday. Maybe once a year. Not once in 24 hours. Therefore, the only thing I could think of is how much I want a simple cappuccino from Starbucks. It was a hard decision because believe it or not the broke college life is real. And so is the struggle. But I made a fabulous life choice and sacrificed those $3 for a good cause.

So that’s how my day is going. Is it the weekend yet?

How is your week? Hopefully better than mine:)

Enjoy your day!



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