Blogging Challenge Day 1(Woohoo)!


Well Howdy, bloggers!

I decided that today was a great day to start this blog challenge … it’s kind of gray and cloudy out so I wanted to throw it back to last winter when I went to Miami and became best friends with this goat — > Even though I’m pretty sure he was very annoyed. Oh well. Fun fact: I would do so many things to go back there right now. Eh, memories. Anyway, look at me rambling. Today’s post is supposed to be a description of how my day went… seems pretty legit to me.

It’s a Tuesday and that means that we got through the hardest day of the week! Cheers to us! The weekend is almost right around the corner. (Hahaha, yeah okay). I had class this morning and came back home for a cup of tea and some crackers (that broke college life, though) and in 5 minutes I’m going to have to go catch a bus back to campus. But overall, today is going pretty swell so far.

*** hours later ***

Just came back from a poetry reading that was actually very good! [For some reason I expect these things to be boring but I really liked it!]. The point of this, however, is that it ended pretty late (10pm) and I still had to catch a bus home. I barely caught the bus I needed, got off at my stop, and headed to Kroger (yay for late night cravings). On the way back I have to pass through a pretty badly lit area (aka, not lit at all) and I sprinted home (basically ran) because I saw a guy coming from the parking lot — —- and I believed that he was following me. Now, it was late, dark, cold, and there was a man walking behind me: WHY I assumed that he was following me, I don’t know. Ask my body that freaks out for no reason. That leads me to the point of… why I assume the worst things blows my mind. So there was a man going the same path as you. Sure, it seems strange that he would go through the little alley shortcut BUT he did, and that’s that. He has things to do. And so do you. And apparently you guys are going to the same place. Maybe he was a student as well. Maybe he lives in the same area as you, omg, haven’t thought of that one have you? Anyway, I started rambling a little again, but it actually makes me laugh that I RAN (you guys, I ran) from this guy that was just walking to wherever he needed to be.


Well there’s that.

Day 2 awaits tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.



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