So a little deeper of a post for all of you today…

I haven’t liked anyone in a while. Sure, I have guy friends and short little flings here and there , but to say that I have had a guy who makes me smile on a daily basis, is new. I’m in college – most people here aren’t trying to find relationships, I understand that. Guys only want girls at 2am and girls pretend like they do too. Girls pretend they don’t have feelings. And then *hope* that their one night stand will grow feelings for them. Side note: they won’t, so move on now. Don’t waste your time on them, they aren’t worth it. Basically, welcome to college. It’s weird that it is actually hard to find a guy that legitimately cares for you. How wrong is that! At some point girls need to realize that they are being used and guys need to grow up. I’m not saying I haven’t been there, I’m saying we learn from our mistakes. And sure, this is the time in your life where you have to go out and have fun, spread your wings, explore. But it’s nice to finally have someone by your side.
So I guess this post turned into more of a “the way guys and girls treat each other in college” type of post, but what I really wanted to say is that I’m happy. For the first time in a long time, I am truly content. [ *not saying that i’m not happy, I’m a very bubbly person 😀 ]. That being said, having someone that cares about you is a million times better than the person who texts you “hey” at two in the morning.

So yes, this goes out to all of my girls! You guys deserve better than “that” guy. You deserve someone who listens to you and knows every little thing about you. As hard as it might seem, you gotta let go of whoever keeps holding you down.

Have a good night you guys 🙂



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