A letter to My 5 year old Self

I was thinking about what I would tell my 5 year old self today… and this is what I think it would go like:

Hey you,
Look at how cute you are. So innocent, so free. You’re just now starting to understand the world and look at it from a different point of view. You act older than you are. Stop it. Cherish every moment as a child and keep holding on to it, because you’ll be in your 20’s in no time and you’ll wonder where the time has gone.

Your life is going to change dramatically in the next few years. But in a good way. You’re quite lucky, actually. You’ll move to a different country and be exposed to things you would have never seen otherwise.

You’ll meet some of your best friends at a very young age and they will be there for you forever. You will also get a cat – she will become your best friend as well. I know, I know; you’re a dog person. I saw how you looked at your neighbor’s collie and how you held back your tears while watching ‘Lassie’ (you can let people see you cry, it’s not a big deal, we all have to let it out). But wait ’till you see her. She’ll turn you into a cat lady forever. #meow

You’ll move around the country a lot – don’t fret, it’s for the best. You’ll meet good people in high school and get into the university of your choice. Start thinking about backup plans, however, because it definitely didn’t go as planned. Still, everything happens for a reason, hopefully.

So, Listen: don’t stress too much and live day by day. Travel and keep your family and friends close, they are the most important in the long run. Everything will be okay, because even if a door closes, another opens … right? YES:)

What would you say to yourself?



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