Livin’ the Life of a Cat

Hello everybody! Can I tell you about my day? Because it was absolutely “purrfect”.

Today I woke up pretty early with the overwhelmed feeling of “MIDTERMS” next week. I made myself get up, make breakfast, and hit the books early on.
All of this sounds ideal.
Sounds like I should be set for next week.
And yet it’s a Saturday; my focus levels are at an all-time low. When you have to choose between reading 100 pages on neurobiology and binge-watching Netflix all day long, it’s not exactly a hard decision.

But then I realized.
Why stress.

It IS a Saturday – or as I like to call it, Caturday. So why not just sit, relax, and watch a couple of episodes on Netflix…(or you know, a whole season)?

So, yes, I led the life of a cat today. Literally doing nothing. And I am absolutely Okay with that. 🙂

What am I getting at, if anything? Why stress! Take a day off, you deserve it.




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