Sunday Funday: A Reason to Smile

Hi all:) 

I missed Sunday Funday because I was very sick and I swear I slept for 48 hours, but I figured why not write one anyway! 

I’ve been thinking a lot about the plane that went missing a couple of days ago. I practically follow the story everyday, hoping for a miracle of any sort. Praying to Gods in all religions. Wishing upon stars. 

I hate when these kind of tragedies happen. I can’t but think, what if someone from my family was on that plane? Or me? Or my friends? It could have been anyone. Then, I saw a picture. It was a picture of a family that was traveling together, a dad and his two children. Two little boys. Two boys with the happiest smiles on their faces. That photo made me cry. 

We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, we don’t know the future. That is why we must live day by day. Live and love life. We must not let stress and other people get us down. So that’s a reason to smile. Smile because there was a today. Smile because you woke up. Had breakfast. Went to work. Saw friends or family. And are where you are in life. Smile 🙂 

I know this one is a little on the not-so-happy side, but the news of that plane really got to me. So, have a good week everybody, don’t forget to smile!





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