Travel Destination 1: Key West, Florida


I am a huge fan of traveling, I practically live for it. I don’t think I’m meant to sit at a desk all day and work, work, work. I would get restless and my legs would start doing this annoying shaking thing that my mom hates and my eyes would start to wander around the room. So, yeah, I need to constantly be moving or I feel like an energizer bunny that doesn’t have anywhere to exert the energy into. So, I thought, why not write about all the places I’ve been to and let people know how amazing the world is!

The first place I thought I’d talk about is Key West, Florida. Now, a lot of us have been to Florida, but not a lot of people think to go to Key West (unless they are a hard core Ernest Hemingway fan) because it’s so small and so far from everything. I, on the contrary, think Key West is one of the most fabulous places to go and everyone should visit! I don’t think it’s a place where you should stay for a week, but three days should suffice.

Key West, to me, is like this little island of paradise. The water does not compare to any other water I have ever been in; it’s smooth, clear, and it just flows. You could literally just float in it all day.

As if the beach wasn’t enough, Key West is also home to Ernest Hemingway’s house which is always fun to visit, even if you’re just a huge supporter of cats. There are about 46 cats there and all with 6 toes! Plus they are all very friendly, so why not? Key West also has a bunch of outdoor cafes and places to get coffee and ice cream, or just listen to live music by the beach! Who WOULDN’T want to do that?!

The best time to go to Key West, I think, would be in the winter time, though to escape the cold. In the winter, Key West gets up to a nice 70 degrees with a slight breeze. So it’s very comfortable, but not scorching hot. It’s perfect.

In general, it’s just filled with lots of cafes, musicians, and just overall happy people. It’s definitely a place to put on your bucket list to visit:)




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