I love coffee. I used to dip my tongue into my mom’s plain dark coffee and scrunch my face because it was so bitter to me. Of course, then I got older and started going to Starbucks like the average girl that I am. And I love Starbucks. I will drink literally everything they have on the menu, but recently (and by recently I do mean like 3 days ago…) I tried just normal black coffee. And I liked it (as weird and disturbing as that sounds). I know, it caught me by surprise, too. It was a strange experience. It was smooth on my tongue, like it belonged there. And it wasn’t bitter. It was a mix of heaven and that richness you get when eating dark chocolate. 

Maybe my taste buds are changing. Maybe I’m getting older (NO), or maybe this is just what college does to you (HAH). Now, I make it a daily routine to get that one cup of coffee and maybe pair it with an occasional cheese danish for breakfast, and it is literally the best breakfast I have had in a while. 



So, yeah, my point is that people should enjoy what they’re eating. Don’t inhale your food. Cherish it. It’s a beautiful thing when you can taste all of the different flavors in one bite. 

This post is a little weird, but I figured why not post it anyway. Thanks for listening to me rant:). ALL comments welcome:) 





One thought on “Coffee.

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    I often tell my four-year-old son to slow down and savor his food. He devours it all like he has siblings apt to come and steal it from him, as I once (actually) did. Then I become conscious of how I’m eating and, oh, I see where he gets it from. I’m trying. Coffee is the easiest for me to slow down and savor right now as I can only have a very small amount of caffeine daily. I drink it black. 🙂

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