A Brief Introduction!

Hello world!

Now that I think about it, I should have probably done this first, but better late than never, right? I figured I should quickly introduce myself so you guys know at least something about who writes these pointless little blogs. The name is Anna, I am 19, and I am a sophomore at a university studying zoology, soon to be a psychology major. It’s great how life just throws these curve-balls at you and you have to figure out what to do with them. I love writing. I write about absolutely everything; ranging from topics about what I had for breakfast to what philosophical thoughts I was having before bed one night. You just never know with me. Usually though, I’m more of a ranter and complainer, and I feel when it’s on paper, it’s interesting to go back and laugh at the problems I  was having, because you will ALWAYS have worse problems. Such an optimist, huh? 

I love all animals, especially cats (all kinds of cats: big cats, small cats, hairless cats, you name it!) which is why I wanted to go to veterinary school, but like most people (well…I mean, hah) I was a lazy first year student and my university crushed my hopes and dreams of ever being accepted into any vet school and since I don’t want to be that person that lives in Africa in a hut, I decided to switch my major to something that I know a little bit about. Well, have yet to switch it. And time is flying by. Tick Tick Tick. 

I’m foreign. I moved to the US with my parents from Ukraine and still make the journey over there every summer. This summer is questionable because of the turmoil that is happening over there now. So, keep Ukraine in your thoughts people and hope that this is all over soon! Too many people have died or been seriously injured just for wanting freedom. 

That is a little to grim to end on SO I will end with the fact that I love dessert. [Like I said, you never know which way I’m going to go with this]. I love anything sweet and if I could live and survive a diet of chocolate and coffee, I would absolutely do that :). 

Well thanks for listening for everyone who is still with me, I really do appreciate it! And I’m impressed that you haven’t lost interest! 

There will be more to come from me, so stay tuned! ( Or don’t, I mean, do whatcha want 😀 ) 



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