Where are we Headed?

Do you ever wonder if life is all planned out for us and we just take all kinds of paths to get there? straight paths, dangerous paths, heavenly paths; whichever one waters our cactus. Is it set out in our paths which career we are going to have? Who we might marry? Will we marry at all? Will we get hit by a bus that one morning we are running late to work and die right there on the spot, just because we decided to get coffee? 

When I was 13 years old (saying that makes me feel quite old…) I was on vacation with my grandparents. One lovely afternoon, my grandfather decides to read my horoscope. Now, let me tell you first that this is a 60 year old Russian man that believes in the scientific way of life and this was probably the first time he read any kind of horoscopes. Why I am telling you all this, is because my horoscope told me that in the  future, I will probably take on some financial or business career. I was dying of laughter. Literally rolling on the floor, giggling. Me? Business? Nahhhh. I am ALL about the fluffy animals though! (Thought 13 year old me). 

And yet. Some 7 years later I’m looking at how I can make business fit into my life. 

How crazy is that. 

Never have I EVER thought that I was going to go on this path. Never have I EVER thought back to that horoscope and said, “yeah, that’s what i’m going to do. That’s it”. 

7 years later and I’m sitting at a library (avoiding studying…) when it hit me. What IF it is all written out for us already and we just have to get there? I mean, we might be able to take a different route now and again, but how much do we really control our fate? In the end, something is going to happen, and we will all be somewhere. Somewhere. 



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